The 3-Point Sales Acceleration System™

My name is Heidi Fortes and I'm the founder and principal at Sales Accelerator. 

Over the course of my career I've encountered countless companies that have failed to to hit hockey stick growth due to very simple circumstances. What they all have in common is a disjointed sales system that doesn't emphasize the three pillars needed to achieve high growth. 

My 3-Point Sales Acceleration System™ aligns and creates sales processes, a sales framework and a sales strategy that result in higher close ratios, faster sales cycles and more revenue.

Successful high growth companies sell smarter not harder. It's my mission to help more companies achieve this level of growth and create sales organizations that can scale, are efficient and can close deals faster. 

Heidi Fortes


Sales Stat Sheet

Pipeline Generated: $40Mil+ ARR

Pipeline Closed: $20Mil+

Average Close Rate: 50%

Average Re-up Rate: 65%

Sales People Trained: 450

Preferred Sales Training Method: Challenger

Favorite Sales Tool: Hubspot

Favorite Close/Win Song: Get Money - The Notorious B.I.G (can't help it)

Wildest Sales Location: On a boat in East Asia