Marketing in The Time of COVID-19

NOTE: This post is not meant to make light of the current global pandemic or serve as a guideline on how to capitalize on the current crisis. It is to share, and highlight, creative avenues that can help brands get their products seen by those who need them.

To those that are unwell or have lost family members during this crisis, my heart goes out to you and to all of us that are being impacted.

These are extremely uncertain times but in all of the uncertainty there is creativity and hope for marketers who are caught between a rock and a hard place of, "should I or shouldn't I be marketing right now?". I believe the answer is "yes", but with the caveat that your marketing efforts remain sensitive to the current crisis. Below I'll share data from a survey I ran as well as some great examples of brands employing this strategy.

In a recent survey I ran using Heartbeat Technologies Self-Serve platform, almost 3,500 respondents indicated how they're spending time during quarantine. I selected these survey options by first scouting Amazon's best seller section, and then determining the categories or items that were selling the fastest.

What this data shows is that companies that fall into these categories have a unique opportunity to market. The pressing question is, how can that be done while not coming off as tone deaf?

A great example of leveraging this type of data is by Mira Beauty. They started a $10,000 relief fund, and are currently collecting donations for makeup artists, skincare professionals, and grooming professionals who are out-of-work because of COVID-19. Not only is the initiative incredibly helpful in supporting these professionals but reasserts Mira Beauty as a brand that is cognizant of who its customers are and how they can leverage their platform to help.

Another great example is this campaign by e.l.f Cosmetics aimed at getting people to take social distancing seriously by washing their hands more, and touching their faces less. Using TikTok, e.l.f encouraged their customers to spread this message in a fun but informative video. This initiative both highlights e.l.f.'s commitment to COVID-19 health procedures and encourages their audience to participate in a way that incorporates the brand they love.

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